The company

Founded in 1964, Liotécnica is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in offering the best solutions in ingredients and products using food drying technologies, to preserve the best of what nature offers. With an innovative spirit, we became a pioneer in the freeze drying process, becoming a market leader in the segment and a partner of large names of the sector. During this time, Liotécnica continued to invest in new technologies, always with the commitment of quality and satisfaction of its customers.

Currently there are three industrial units dedicated to developing and producing responsibly to serve its customers in Brazil and abroad.

Our dedication and willingness to offer the best, made Liotécnica a solid company, with operations in 6 different business units. For greater agility and focus on results, it is divided into 2 large blocks: B2B with focus on industrial customers and B2C with focus on consumers.




1964 Foundation of Liotécnica by Dr. Salomão Schwartzman and partners.


1970 Significant operation along with the pharmaceutical market, outsourcing the freeze drying of antibiotics, mineral salts, vitamins and lactobacilli.

1978 Inauguration of the Freeze Drying and Dehydration Plant at Embu (SP). Start of partnership with customers such as Nestlé and Unilever.


1980 Inauguration of the Mixing and Packaging plant.


1993 Full acquisition of the company by the Schwartzman Family.

1994 Creation of the Qualimax® brand with the launch of the 500g powder juice and the Brazilian Dessert line.

1995Pioneer in the manufacture of products for large customers, such as Pão de Açúcar, WalMart, Carrefour and Bunge.


2000 Launch of innovative products with the Qualimax brand, such as Express Soups and 0% fat Broth Powder.

2002 Acquisition of the Malt Extract industrial plant, transforming Liotécnica into the largest malt extract producing company.

2003 Start of exportation of Freeze Dried Açaí, current sales flagship of the Liotécnica Freeze Dried Superfruits.

2007 Reconstruction of the mixing and packaging plant which, after suffering a fire, was transformed into a new cutting-edge plant.

2009The Malt Extract plant is the first to conquer the ISO 22000 certification, with focus on food safety.


2010Expansion of the Malt Extract plant and ISO 22000 certification of the Mixing and Filling plant.

2013FSSC 22000 Certification of the Malt Extract and Mixing and Filling plants and creation of the Northeast DC (distribution center), a strategic point to better serve the customers of the region.

2014Liotécnica reaches 50 years, the Mixing and Filling plant goes through expansion and the company receives a badge of honor from the Fundação Abrinq for their partnership of over 15 years.

2015Diffusion of the corporate culture and attitudes that compose the company´s DNA.

2016Implementation of the Liotécnica Routine Management Program and expansion of the Freeze Drying plant capacity.

2017Implementation of the
automation systems at the Mixing and Filling plant; the company ceases to be a Ltd and becomes a Corporation (Unlimited).

Quality Assurance

Our commitment with quality is clearly shown through the Liotécnica Management System, focused on compliance with legal requirements and compliance with product specifications. Our process begins with the qualification and development process of raw material and packaging material suppliers, that undergo evaluations by our quality control systems, technical visits and audits.

The company has the Food Safety System Certification through FSSC 22000, ensuring to the consumer reliability in the safety and quality sector of our products through monitoring and control in production, distribution and constant enhancement and improvements of the Food Safety Management System in the entire global supply chain.

Our laboratories follow the ISO 17025 requirements with a modern structure, composed of process, physical-chemical and microbiology laboratories, and even by a Quality team evaluations by our quality control systems products that rigorously evaluates the products from the receiving of the raw material up to shipping of the finished product. Our technical team is highly qualified in the food safety fields.

The Quality System is maintained through a robust system of internal and external audits of the Management System, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and 5S, in addition to the Quality Certifications for production or Organic, Halal and Kosher products.

Two of our plants have the Federal Service Inspection (SIF) certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and food Supply (MAPA) that inspects, evaluates and qualifies Liotécnica to export and to market its products in the national market.

Social responsibility

Liotécnica establishes a high Social Responsibility parameter, by applying and conducting the best business practices by ensuring sustainable development throughout the entire production chain. We do not permit any discriminatory act due to race, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, religion, age bracket, social class, political conviction or nationality. We also ensure the absence of child labor in all departments of the company. We comply with the labor and tax laws in force and we renounce any type of harassment in our work relations. We assure each employees´ rights and freedom, seeking progression, generation of values and promotion of sound teamwork.

Liotécnica contributes towards social development: