Being strategically located, Liotécnica also offers logistic ease for the transport of its products. Close to airports and ports, it allows for efficient transportation of cargoes into and outside the country.
Contact our exportation department directly to learn about the commercial opportunities that can be explored through the e-mail export@liotecnica.com.br


Respect for the consumer

Our customers

Partnering with great brands for half a century

National pioneer in the freeze drying process, in which Liotécnica is a market leader. 
Currently, it has three industrial units, dedicated to responsible development and production in order to serve its customers in Brazil and abroad.

The company

Liotécnica specialises in offering ingredients and materials for the food industry, using drying and dehydration technologies to preserve the best of what nature offers.
A 100% Brazilian company, operating for over 50 years in the ingredient sector, developing private label brands and commercialization of food service and retail products.

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