Our line of products was conceived in accordance with world trends that place welfare and food habits in first place. Our ingredients allow the conception of healthy, practical, innovative, natural products and allow the use of the clean label concept. The general characteristics include stability at ambient temperature, low moisture content, and fast hydration.

Which is the ideal ingredient?

Private label

With solutions geared towards retail / trade as well as industries, Liotécnica is the ideal partnership for those entering into this marketing requiring high quality, productivity and profitability.
We place at the market´s disposal all the knowledge and technology in powdered, flocculated and granulated food processing.

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Qualimax offers in it´s portfolio, solutions that align taste, practicality, quality and an excellent cost-benefit ratio both to the consumer and the professional. They are different products in the categories of culinary dishes, beverages, desserts and confectionaries. 

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Vending machines

Having worked in vending for over 20 years, Liotécnica offers a portfolio of soluble beverages such as Chocolate, Cappuccinos and Teas for professional use in automatic vending machines.
The beverages are produced with high quality ingredients, with taste and creaminess that the consumer enjoys, and with greater fluidity, standardization and yield that our Vending Operators recognize, resulting in an excellent performance in the machine.
Our portfolio is composed of the brands: Qualimax, Gutt Cacau and Ovomaltine, making available a menu of hot and cold beverages to diverse Corporate, Office and Food Service segments. And with exclusivity over the cold beverage, “Ovomaltine with crunchy topping”, we offer the best consumer experience.
In addition to our brands, we prepare and produce private brand products for the leading Brazilian Vending Operators.

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With strategic location, Liotécnica also offers logistic ease for the transport of its products. Close to airports and ports, it allows an efficient transport of cargoes into and outside the country.

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