our process


Our pioneering work allied to innovation and high investments in different food drying technologies, in all process stages, from raw material selection up to distribution logistics, allows Liotécnica to offer to its customers excellent quality in foods, to provide healthy and nourishing products that meet its customers´ expectations and requirements.

Freeze Drying

It consists of freezing and removing the water from the foods, from the direct
solid state to the gaseous state, at low temperatures and without the presence
of oxygen, thus preserving the sensory and nutritional characteristics.

Hot air drying

Process in which water is removed through evaporation, under atmospheric
pressure, through the passage of hot and dry air moving through the food that is distributed on trays.

Vacuum drying

It is a drying technology where water is removed by evaporation, under vacuum,
which promotes exposure at milder temperatures. It can be done with static or
continuous equipment.



Mixing and packaging

From weighing to the shipping box, each part of the process is done with
extreme quality, responsibility and safety. We are the best co-packer solution
for Private Brands, delivering agility, flexibility and constant innovation.